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WEBINAR - The CEO/CIO's Guide to Architected AI: From Vision to Value in Minutes

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming part of our life at an unprecedented pace. As CEOs and CIOs grapple with how to leverage this powerful technology to drive strategy and enhance operations, the concept of Architected AI becomes important. In a recent webinar entitled "The CEO/CIO's Guide to Architected AI: From Vision to Value in Minutes", Deirdre Caren and Daniel Lambert talked on  May 8 about the concepts of Architected AI, providing invaluable insights for business leaders looking to harness its potential.

You can either watch the 49-minute-long video or read a summary of the webinar. 

Our speakers provide actionable insights on making your high-level business strategies a reality using generative AI by creating real, measurable value for your organization swiftly. This webinar is ideal for leaders looking to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge in their industries. Join us to examine how you could transform your approach to business with our cutting-edge solution that promises not just to evolve but revolutionize the way you and your management operate.

About the Speakers

Deirdre Caren 2.png

Deirdre Caren, Founder and CEO

Deirdre was inspired to train both people and generative AI models that can effectively deliver information to businesses. She has founded and led her company Agora Insights since 2017, which specializes in training, mentoring, and consulting to support the business architecture and business analysis professions. Her company reaches over 90 countries, training thousands of people and companies.

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Daniel Lambert, Founder and Chairman

Chairman and Founder of Aidon. Daniel is also the founder of Business Architecture Info, which provides comprehensive industry-based business architecture frameworks, workshops, and consulting services. Daniel was in the past a venture capitalist, where he was involved among others with Taleo (sold to Oracle), Giganet (sold to Emulex – now Broadcom), SFI (sold to BMC Software), and Kinaxis (public on TSX).

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