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Transforming Business and Enterprise Architecture with AI is an innovative Architected AI Agency that specializes in generative AI solutions tailored for business and enterprise architects. Our unique approach empowers organizations to seamlessly integrate advanced AI capabilities into their enterprise architecture, transforming business strategies into actionable roadmaps and requirements with unprecedented speed and precision.



Augmenting Business and Enterprise Architecture

 - Enhanced Decision-Making: leverages AI to

    provide deep insights and data-driven recommendations,

    enabling architects to make more informed and strategic


 - Streamlined Processes: By automating repetitive tasks

   and optimizing workflows, significantly reduces

   the time and effort required for business planning and



Accelerating Requirements and Content Creation

 - Rapid Requirements Generation: Our AI models quickly

    identify and generate the requirements to achieve

    business objectives, ensuring that projects stay on track

    and within scope.

 - Efficient Content Creation: automates the

    creation of high-quality content, including

    documentation, reports, and presentations, tailored to

    your organization's specific needs.


Customized AI Solutions

 - Tailored Training Programs: We offer comprehensive AI

    training programs designed to equip your team with the skills

    needed to effectively integrate AI into your business

    architecture workflows.

 - Bespoke AI Models: Our AI solutions are customized to align

    perfectly with your enterprise model, addressing your unique

    challenges and goals.


Flexible Deployment Options

 - Secure Hosting: Choose to have your AI solution securely

    hosted by, ensuring reliability and data


 - Seamless Integration: Alternatively, you can integrate into your own IT environment, maintaining full 

    ownership and control over your data and intellectual




Complexity in Strategy Execution

 - Problem: Executing business strategies often involves

    complex, time-consuming processes that can lead to

    delays and misalignment between strategic objectives

    and operational execution.

 - Solution: simplifies and accelerates the

    transformation of business strategies into actionable

    plans and requirements, ensuring alignment and timely



Inefficiency in Requirements Gathering

 - Problem: Gathering and documenting requirements is a

    labor-intensive process prone to errors and


 - Solution: automates the generation of

    requirements, reducing manual effort, and improving

    accuracy and consistency.


Data-Driven Decision Making

 - Problem: Making informed decisions requires analyzing vast

    amounts of data, which can be overwhelming and time-


 - Solution: provides deep insights and data-driven

    recommendations, enabling architects to make more

    informed and strategic decisions quickly.


Resource Allocation and Optimization

 - Problem: Efficiently allocating resources and optimizing

    operations are challenging without clear insights into the 

    business and IT operations.

 - Solution: offers deeper insights into business

    and IT operations, helping organizations prioritize

    initiatives and allocate resources effectively.



Empowering Architects bridges the gap between high-level strategic objectives and actionable planning information, accelerating your change journey with precise business outcomes.


Full Control

We believe in giving businesses full control over their AI solutions and data, offering flexible deployment options to suit your needs and preferences.


Expertise and Support

Our team works closely with you to ensure that our AI models and processes are perfectly aligned with your enterprise metamodel, providing ongoing support and training to maximize the benefits of AI integration.

IN BRIEF is not just an AI solution. It is a strategic partner that enhances the capabilities of business and enterprise architects. By transforming strategy into actionable roadmaps and requirements, helps organizations achieve their goals faster and more efficiently, driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

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