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Unlock Your Architected AI!

Your Custom AI Solution for Your Business Strategy Delivery provides an end-to-end AI agency solution that includes generative AI training, model customization, and deployment, so that businesses can seamlessly integrate advanced AI capabilities into their enterprise architecture.

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Welcome to Aidon

With our solution, our goal is to be the leading AI training and architecture model customization partner for your enterprise, empowering the entire planning ecosystem within your organization to effectively navigate and benefit from your AI environment.


By providing architects and their planning ecosystem with the knowledge and tools they need to fully leverage the potential of AI within their specific environments, allows them to deliver the required information consistently across all projects.

Abstract Lines

Tired of prompting bit by bit in your chatbot and getting unsubstantial outputs?

Want quality, integrated, extensive, and customized AI outputs, like strategy formulation, capability investment optimization, business outcomes, requirements documentation, and business case design delivered in minutes? 


Do you want your AI to ease your work and not just make suggestions?

We are here to help!

Our unique three-phase solution empowers architects and their planning ecosystem to successfully navigate and integrate AI workflows into their practice for better business strategy delivery.

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We begin by providing comprehensive training to your team on the fundamentals of AI and its application to your specific business context. We focus on equipping your architecture team with the knowledge and skills it needs to effectively integrate AI into your organization's strategy to capability-based roadmaps and requirements workflows.



In this phase, we work closely with your team to customize our AI models and processes that align perfectly with your enterprise model. We dive deep into your specific use cases that will allow you to deliver the required information based on your desired strategy, ensuring that our AI solution is tailored to your unique needs.



We offer two options to ensure flexibility and control of your AI for architecting modeling. The first option allows your AI solution to be securely hosted by, or we can assist you in integrating it into your own environment. Both options allow you to maintain full ownership and control over your data and intellectual property.

Connecting Dots

Our Value Proposition

AI Models You Will Love


Tailored AI Training for Architecture Modeling

We believe that the key to successful AI adoption lies in empowering architects with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively integrate AI into their workflows. That's why we offer a comprehensive, customized AI training program that is specifically designed for your business needs.


Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Requirements

Our specialization lies in leveraging AI to transform your business strategy into clear, actionable roadmaps and requirements. We work with you to bridge the gap between high-level strategic objectives and generating AI-driven planning information and requirements for your business. Thus accelerating your change journey with precise business outcomes.


AI Models That Are Designed For Your Business

We understand that every business is unique, with its own specific processes, challenges, and goals. That's why we work closely with you to develop bespoke AI models and processes that align perfectly with your specific enterprise metamodel. This way you can get your generative models working for you in no time.


Giving You Full Control Over Your AI Journey

We believe that businesses should have full control over their AI solutions and data. That's why we offer flexible deployment options, allowing you to choose between secure hosting by or seamless integration into your own IT environment. 

Focus on transforming strategy into actionable roadmaps and requirements

Tailored AI training programs designed for your specific business context

Flexible deployment options to suit your needs and preferences

Bespoke AI customization aligned with your unique enterprise metamodel

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